craft industry entry

To reach a new market. Developed a foil product
specifically for the arts and craft market.

Researched foil products. Worked with Reynolds chemists
and engineers to develop an improved, tear-resistant foil
& holographic substrate. Conducted national focus groups.
Developed 56 SKU's of foil sheets, rolls, prints, stickers,
tools and craft kits. Assisted with sourcing. Designed
projects and wrote how-to instructions, booklets and
project sheets. Worked with Reynold's nat'l PR agency
to brand and promote the product in the mass market,
while CMC obtained publicity and article placement in
niche craft publications. Taught reps at national sales
meetings. Helped design trade show booth,
managed Workshops and Make 'n Takes
at the trade shows.

The comprehensive product line served the needs of
mass and craft / hobby markets. Received the industry's
Outstanding New Product Award. Market share
expectations were exceeded and product reached
mass retail and specialty markets.

Research Product Development Kit Design and Packaging Booklets Instructions Merchandising Promotions
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