public relations / education

Predispose the consumer to wanting the product. Teach how to use it.

Selling craft products is more than selling craft products. It’s also teaching people how to do a technique. Simply. Easily.
Successfully. So that they’ll buy more. To do more.

This requires education. We teach everyone. Your in-house staff. Sales reps. Editors. Publishers. Distributors. Independent retailers. Chain buyers. Teachers. Demonstrators. Consumers at all skill levels.

We can teach them how to use your products. Even how to effectively teach others to use them.

And… It’s alphabet soup when it comes to the education and certification degrees we hold: BA, MA, CPD, CCD.* We do Workshops. Demos. Make ‘n Takes. Lectures. (Those aren’t as much fun. We’ll try to talk you into a more effective method, but if you want a lecture, we’ll make it the best!)

* Bachelor’s, Master’s, Certified Professional Demonstrators, Certified Craft Designers, Some with a BS, but we’ll joke about that after we know you better.