the difference

We've been called a “one-stop-shop”. Our clients say we make it easy. We're responsive. Committed. They say we think and act like their product is our product. Our program.
Our money.

True. We adopt the product. Yet we know that YOU call the shots. We'll advise. Consult. Recommend. But we know that you make the final decision. Then our job is to make
your decision the right one. The one that works. And we want YOU to get the credit.

We know how to work with multiple people. Entrepreneurs who love their product. And need our objectivity. Corporate people at all levels who need internal consensus. But don't have time. That's our job. We get the office "it'll never work" guy on board. We get the competitive agency exec. to cooperate. We facilitate consensus.

CMC is 25 years old. Old enough to be Smart. Experienced. Successful. Young enough to be Enthusiastic. Fresh. Original. We enjoy long-lasting relationships with Clients. Employees. Editors. Partners. How uncharacteristic of typical service providers and agencies. True! We are uncharacteristic. So are the results!